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         Hello I am Ms. Ashley the art educator for Brightwood Elementary School. I am originally from Pennsylvania and I moved to North Carolina over 12 years ago. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Art in Art Education at Eastern Illinois University, but I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Art Education from UNC at Greensboro, a Bachelors of Art in Art from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and an Associates in Liberal Arts and Humanities from Harrisburg Area Community College

         I started my teaching career in Pennsylvania as group home caseworker and art instructor. I worked for the School District of Lancaster as paraprofessional in a Special Needs Emotional Support Class. When opportunity arrived I then moved to NC to for a position as an Exceptional Children's Teacher Assistant in the Thomasville, NC and began attending UNCG. Upon graduating UNCG, I taught art in Winston-Salem, Rockingham County, and now full-time for Guilford County. I have taught art to all levels Kindergarten through 12th grade.

         My passion is art, and my goal is to make creating a skill and ability that every child, teen or adult can use in everyday life. But art is also apart of our daily lives, from the very colors we choose to pair and wear, to the type of car or house we want to purchase. Someone had to create it and art techniques helped bring it into view. Some where someone desired to image an object/idea, and created it from the set of skills they learned from an art teacher. So now we can not just hear about the thought but see it, experience it, desire it, share it, or be inspired by it. Pushing students to see art as more than just making a pretty picture for love ones, but pushing them to see HOW to create artwork for their love ones. I hope to inspire the thoughts of the next video game designer, great tattoo artist, architect, HGTV interior designer, logo/branding graphic designer, or the next breakthrough artist, all stemming from having the opportunity to learn a few skills that sparked their imagination.

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