• School Based Leadership Team Member

    • Dr. Jamal Crawford, crawfoj@gcsnc.com  Principal
    • Josette Hamrick, hamricj@gcsnc.com  Curriculum Facilitator
    • Thomas Niedziela, niedzit@gcsnc.com  Math Coach
    • Eliana Cufino, cufinoe@gcsnc.com  5th Grade Teacher
    • Airan Fogg, fogga@gcsnc.com  4th Grade Teacher
    • Aura Cruz, cruza@gcsnc.com  3rd Grade Teacher
    • Annie Thomas, thomasa2@gcsnc.com  2nd Grade Teacher
    • Nijah Williams, willian5@gcsnc.com  1st Grade Teacher
    • Virginia Cagle, caglev@gcsnc.com  Counselor
    • Denise Humphrey, humphrd3@gcsnc.com  PreK Assistant
    • Serra Gore, gores@gcsnc.com  EC Teacher

    Parent Representatives

    • Dolores Dixon
    • Michele Franken 


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    Meeting Dates

    SLT meetings are held the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month.

    All meetings are held in the school library and begin at 3:00pm.

    All are welcome to attend.