FOM & Math I

    Hi! I must admit this year's process will be very interesting. However, I'm excited about having the opportunity to work with your child and increase his/her math skills! Foundations of Math is a pre-requisite for Math I. Several of our beginning topics will look familiar to some of the eighth-grade topics. I will hold several "Live" sessions which will help ease any anxieties you or your child may have along with giving them a chance to ask questions and practice with me present. I'm expecting your child to log onto Canvas daily and check the class announcements along with the weekly plans. They will need a binder/notebook specifically for my class, along with a pencil (no pens) and a calculator (as needed)

    Who is Ms. Hammock?

    I'm a native of Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate of North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University! June of this year made 20 years for me as an EC Teacher. This is my second year here at Ben L Smith where I serve as the EC teacher for Resource Foundations of Math, Resource Math I, and various Math inclusion settings. This is also my second year as the Head Varsity Coach of the Lady Eagles Basketball team.