• About me:

    • GCS Educator since 1995
    • S. Geography, Environmental Studies, Radford University
    • Ed. Middle Level Education, Radford University
    • National Board Certified Teacher
    • Experienced in providing instruction for differing ability levels and learning styles
    • Life-long learner in fields of science, social studies, and middle level education

    This year:

    I will do my best to provide each student with the learning experiences that will guide them to a successful life.  This year, in science, we will be exploring the atmosphere, forces and motion, cells, genetics, and the human body.  In social studies, we will be studying the Age of Exploration, the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, Revolutions of the World, Nationalism and Imperialism, the Age of Modern War, and the Contemporary World. Links to class information and resources can be found on my Canvas homepage.  The Canvas link is found in the Link Library.

picture of Carroll