School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team

  • Team Member Association 

    • George Green, Principal
    • Dorand Blackston, Assistant Principal
    • Whitney Killian, Assistant Principal
    • Bobbie Barton, Teacher
    • Lauren Lux, Teacher
    • Debbie Ivey, Teacher
    • Sharon Felix, Teacher
    • Kennen Wynn, Teacher
    • Jessica Simon, Teacher
    • Jennifer Fannin, Teacher
    • Angie Brown, Counselor
    • Jay Horton, Parent
    • Jennifer Hill, Media Specialist
    • Nicole Hill Avery, District Staff
    • Marshall Matson, District Staff







    Meeting Dates

    October 24, 2023

    November 28, 2023

    January 23, 2024

    February 27, 2024

    April 23, 2024

    May 28, 2024


  • How to access Indistar

    Indistar is a state-wide system that GCS schools are using as the hub for school improvement activities.  To access our plan, click the link below

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    This will allow you to view the plan information, meeting agendas, artifacts, and other items related to school improvement.