• Early Dismissal Policy


    In an effort to minimize the disruption to instructional time, effective March 30, 2011 the following EARLY DISMISSAL POLICY is in effect:

    1. Students with an early dismissal must bring a note to the office by 8:10.    Staff will be notified by email so that the student(s) will be waiting in the office when parent/guardian arrives.
    2. If a parent/guardian requests an early dismissal for a student and a note was not received by the office the student will be called at the next class change, not during instructional time. 
    3. Due to the high level of activity in the office and classroom between 3:00 and3:30 each day, we cannot call students for early dismissal at that time.  
    4. Classrooms will not be called during instructional time unless it is an  absolute emergency.  We will be happy to post a message on the in-class TV screen.