Miami University, Oxford (BS)

    Columbia University, New York (Continuing M.A.Ed)


    During the past 17 years, I have demonstrated creativity, tenacity, and a deep knowledge of learning styles in designing, presenting, and managing training programs for students. In developing, teaching, and directing competency-based programs, I have helped students advance in reading and writing proficiency toward mastery.

    By using a variety of training techniques and technologies, learning concepts, and delivery methods, I have engaged, challenged, instructed, and motivated students of all ages and backgrounds. My curricula have included highly effective and content-rich training programs, instructional materials, audio visuals, and assessments tailored to specific learner populations.

    In my role, I work with organization stakeholders to determine student needs, initiate diversity measures, and integrate workplace skills. My relentless dedication to improvement is built on an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a growth mindset outlook, and a commitment to upholding the organization’s mission, vision, and core values.

    I consider, evaluate, and negotiate multiple perspectives while keeping the end-goal at the center of every project. Each day’s work is executed with the highest levels of Executive Function, involving analyzing, planning, organizing, anticipating, adjusting, and completing each critical task.



Nicole Kloesz, seventh grade English Language Arts teacher at Northern Guilford Middle School, at Bicentennial Gardens