Morgan Kratovil - London, Engalnd

    Hello! I'm Mr. Kratovil and I would like to welcome you to Social Studies. I have been a teacher for 19 years, nine at Northern! I've taught both 8th and 7th grade social studies at Northern.

    My goal is to help every student improve their critical-thinking, reading, problem-solving and writing skills. I use a variety of teaching methods and activities in the classroom, and am a big proponent of hands-on, experiential learning.  I will work hard and do my best to provide the same high quality in-school instruction as we work remotely. I believe open communication and support between the family, the student, and myself is essential for the student to have success and a positive learning experience. I look forward to working with you all and having an excellent school year.

    Students and parents/guardians, please visit my Canvas Page on the link below for all school matters.

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