Welcome to Mrs. Lawrence's homepage

  • Welcome to Mrs. Lawrence's 7th grade Science home page. 

    In my classes, students are encouraged to work as scientists with focused inquiry guiding instruction. Choice boards and frequent assessment are used to increase student motivation, allow the teacher more time for small-group instruction, and provide opportunities for enrichment. 

    Topics of study:  

    1st Quarter: Weather

    2nd Quarter: Forces and Motion

    3rd Quarter: Genetics

    4th Quarter: Cells and Body Systems




    1.  Students will observe all lab safety rules, including proper attire and careful attention to technique and procedures. 

    2.  Students will actively take part in daily activities and investigations.

    3.  Students will monitor their own learning daily, complete all assignments with their best effort on time, and will request clarification from the teacher as needed. 

    4.  Students will show respect for others and obey all classroom and school rules. 



    Students will be held accountable for their actions, according to our school discipline policy, which will be shared with students the first week of school.  

    Parents will be notified by email or a phone call of minor behavior infractions.  Major infractions will be immediately referred to administrators.  


    Parent-Teacher Communication:

    1. Please share your current email and phone number with me. I do prefer email to phone communication, as it is sometimes easier to reach each other via email.  Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns or questions.  

    2.  Please read the Weekly News (on website) every Monday.  Here you will find information that will help you know how to help your child in my class. 

    3.  Please sign up for weekly notifications of your child's grades on Parent Assist.  I do notify parents of students whose grades are concerning, but with this awesome service your child will know you will get that email every Monday morning, and that they will have to account for their grades for the previous week to you. 

    4.  Please sign up for Remind to send you texts when I assign homework, if you know you can't trust your child to write it in a planner and follow through with doing it.  (I know this is the student's responsibility, but some of them still need reinforcement at home.)  



    Students will be assessed in a number of ways, including lab reports/question sheets, quizzes, notebook checks, group work, TED talks, guided reading sheets and other classwork.  All of these count once in their final grade.  


    Tests and projects will count twice.  It is imperative that students study at home daily.  


    Late work is accepted and expected to be turned in, with penalty, within one week of the due date,   It is the student's responsibility to follow through and turn in late work.  I will remind them the day the assignment is due, but I do not notify parents (unless missing work becomes a recurring problem.)  


    I will provide tutoring for students on an as needed basis, before or after school.  



    Please encourage your child to come in early to my classroom (8:30 is plenty of time), or email me when they are returning from an absence in order for me to have time to explain to them what they missed and need to do.  Makeup work should be completed in a timely manner.