• About Me


    It has been my pleasure to serve Guilford County Public School System as a Communications & Technology Specialist. I have worked as a Technology Educator within Guilford County School System for over 25 years. I received my Masters of Science in Technology Education and National Board Certification in Technology Education. I've had the pleasure of working with many public school families, such as: James B. Dudley High School, Ragsdale High School, Andrews High School, Jackson Middle School, Guilford Middle School, Southwest Middle School, Montlieu Elementary School, Bluford Elementary School, and Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina with Wake County Public School System. Now here at Northern Guilford Middle School it's been a wonderful journey. 

    I've been "Teacher of the Year" at NGMS and "Mentor of the Year" for Guilford County Schools. I hope to provide your child with opportunities to explore, create, and design, while they learn to master standard computer skills needed for the future. Think of application skills as teaching one to drive and at some point you want them to be able to drive a car on their own. Parents or guardians cannot drive a car for your child forever, so please help me help your child drive their own car so they can explore  and become life-long learners.

    It is my belief that communication technology, engineering concepts, and career soft-skills area the areas where students get to use their reading, math, and all other transferable skills to become innovative in our needs and wants. 

    The primary content of the career technical classes I teach involves design and innovations of aviation systems, communication systems, construction systems, manufacturing systems, energy systems, agricultural systems, medical systems and transportation systems.
    The introductory software used is MSWord, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop, SolidWorkCAD, Movie Maker and more. The majority of their projects will be personalized end products that they have to create. The career piece is learning soft skills, basic interviewing skills and career options.  

    Learning about various technologies makes our students life-long learners and productive citizens in our society. Let's prepare and expose our youth to as many careers as possible, so they can think about the impact technology has on them and become more informed of their options. When it's time for them to make decisions, they can be the change to enhance our tomorrow. We can all make a positive difference. Thanks for stopping by! 

    Wishing you a great year! 2022_2023