Ragsdale Social Studies Department

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  • Social Studies Department Members 

    right to left. Front Row: R. Pollock, H. Kuennen, M. Williams, C. Murphy. 

    Back row: S. Adu Gyamfi, H. Blake, S. Sullivan, C. Lamb, B. Glasgow, M. Moss

  • Welcome to the Ragsdale Social Studies Department webpage!


    To meet North Carolina graduation requirements, students are required to take the following courses at either the honors or standard level:

    • Freshman Year: Civic Literacy
    • Sophomore Year: World History 
    • Junior Year: American History 
    • Senior Year: Economics & Personal Finance 

    Students may fulfill the requirement for World History by taking AP World History, and the requirement for American History (I, II, and combined) by taking AP US History. Both AP World and AP US History are year-long courses. Students must take the Honors Humanities section in the fall and the AP section in the spring. 


    The Social Studies department at Ragsdale is pleased to offer the following Advanced Placement courses and electives, in addition to the courses required for graduation:

    • AP World History Modern
    • AP United States History
    • AP European History
    • AP US Government and Politics
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Human Geography
    • Honors African American History
    • Psychology