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  • Fine Arts Dept. Grading Protocol

    Fine Arts Department Grading Protocol 2017-2018


    50% is the minimum score for all major grades in the fine arts department.

    Testing days for the department are Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Performing Arts Grading:

    The following percentages will be used to calculate grades in Dance, Theatre and Music classes at NGHS.

    Formal Performances, Tests and Projects 40%; Weekly performance & quizzes 35%; Written reflections and Homework 25%

    Visual Arts Grading:

    Projects: 50%

    Other Assignments: 50%

    Concert/Performance Attendance Policy:

    ALL students enrolled in ANY performing arts class will be required to participate at scheduled rehearsals and performances outside of class as a major part of their grade. No one will be exempt from performing. Notice of performances will be provided a minimum of 3 weeks in advance so that students can make appropriate arrangements. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with extra-curricular activities, outside of school events, and work. Rehearsals prior to the performance are to ensure that all students are confident with requirements and all aspects of the performance come together. If a student does not come to required rehearsals, then he or she may not be allowed to perform in the concert.

    In the event that a student does miss a concert the following protocol will be followed:

    Excused Absence: For students with a documented emergency situation that prevented participation, another NGHS sponsored event, or with prior teacher approval an alternative assignment will be given that must be completed to make-up the grade. The alternate assignment will take place after school hours and will equal the number of hours missed.

    Unexcused Absence: For students who do not show without prior knowledge and have no documented emergency, an alternative assignment will be given for a grade of up to 80%. The alternate assignment will take place after school hours and will equal the number of hours missed.

    Late Work policy: Students can turn in work until one week prior to the end of the quarter the work was assigned.

    Project and test Retake: Students earning a grade they are dissatisfied with on a project or test have the opportunity to redo their project or retake their test for a higher grade. This needs to be scheduled with the teacher and must be completed prior to the end of the grading period the project was assigned.


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