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  • Overview of Salary Information for 2021-2022


    Assignment of Position to Salary Grade 2021-2022

    Salary Schedules (General)

    Salaries are determined by the State of North Carolina and local Board of Education policy. The following information is an overview for academic year 2021-2022.

    Teacher Salary Schedules
    Teacher salary schedules are adjusted to reflect the amounts approved by the General Assembly.   The local supplements were increased effective for the 2021-2022 school year.
    All Teachers will be paid in accordance with their teacher license level and experience. Please click the following link for additional information. Teacher Salary Schedules.

    Assistant Principal and Principal Salary Schedules
    Assistant Principal and Principal salary schedules for 2021-2022 are adjusted to reflect the amounts approved by the General Assembly and the supplements remain the same as they were for 2020-2021.

    Please click the following links for additional information.

    AP and Principal Salary Schedules 

    Central Office and Non-certified Personnel Salaries


    The Master Salary Schedules for 10, 11 and 12 month has been updated effective 1/1/2022. Non-certified employees who were employed on or before 6/30/2021 will advance one step on the salary schedule for 2021-2022.

    School Bus Drivers:  Will receive step and pay increases based on the current bus driver pay schedule.

    •SNS Assistants and Managers:   Effective for the 2021-2022 school year SNS Assistants will make $15.00 per hour.  SNS Managers will make $17.00 per hour.

    ACES Group Leaders and ACES Clerks: 2021-2022 hourly rate is $15.00 per hour.

    Teacher Assistants and Paraprofessionals PLEASE NOTE:

    The number of employment days for all teacher assistants and paraprofessionals in the District continues to be reduced by 1.5 days for the 2021-2022 school year. A separate schedule (2021-2022 Teacher Assistant/Paraprofessional Reduced Salary Schedule) is posted on the GCS website reflecting the reduced salary amounts. In addition, a reduced schedule is also posted for Educational Interpreters and Language Facilitators (2021-2022 Educational Interpreter Reduced Salary Schedule).


    Effective 7/1/2014, teachers and school-based licensed instructional support staff (i.e. counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, media specialists, curriculum facilitators, etc.) are NO LONGER ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE LONGEVITY PAYMENTS REGARDLESS OF THEIR LONGEVITY SERVICE CREDIT.


    All other permanent full-time and part-time employees (20 hours or more a week) are eligible for yearly longevity payments after completing 10 years of State of North Carolina service. Longevity payment is made the last working day of the employee's anniversary month. The payment is calculated according to the table below and is based on annual salary and years of qualifying service. More information may be found in the GCS Employee Handbook at the following link. GCS Employee Handbook.

    Years of Service Longevity Pay Rate

    10 but less than 15 years 1.5%
    15 but less than 20 years 2.25%
    20 but less than 25 years 3.25%
    25 or more years 4.50%

    Verification of Employment for Salary Placement
    Those individuals who have been hired in a classified position and wish to have previous employment reviewed for possible experience credit must complete the attached "Employment Verification" forms. Please review the specific requirements for verification of previous experience carefully.

    Verification of Employment for Salary Placement Forms

    Verification List Form

    For more information, contact Lindsay Yarbrough at 336-378-8822.













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