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    GCS to Start Year with Remote Learning Through at Least Oct. 20 

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    Career and College Promise (CCP) Program for High School Juniors and Seniors


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    Family engagement is an important factor in building strong home-school-community relationships and developing support systems to enhance the quality of life for families. Guilford Parent Academy offers support for family members caring for children and young people in Guilford County.

    Aligned with the district's Strategic Plan 2018-22 goals, Guilford Parent Academy works to bridge the gaps for student success by engaging parents and involving them in their children’s education. Striving to give parents the tools needed to assist their children, Guilford Parent Academy hosts parent sessions such GPA 101: Get Resourcefully Fit with GPA, Homework Help: One Click Away, Student Support and Services for Parents and Family and School Partnerships. With a mission to provide resources for parents and families, Guilford Parent Academy also partners with organizations to help families holistically with assistance designed to cultivate better life outcomes. 

    We're Here to Help Parents and Families Thrive

    Contact us for help finding FREE resources available for families covering areas such as:

    • Homework Help
    • Digital Resources
    • Job-search
    • Resume Assistance
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Homeownership
    • Adult Literacy/Education
    • Credit Counseling
    • Retirement
    • Debt
    • and more...

    These pages will help you learn more about Guilford Parent Academy and how we can assist families gain knowledge and know-how as their students prepare for success in life. 


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