• Descriptor Term: EVALUATION - CLASSIFIED
    Descriptor Code: GCI
    Presented to the Board: March 1, 1993
    Adopted by the Board: April 19, 1993
    Revised: November 16, 1993

    November 12, 1996
    The Guilford County Board of Education believes that a strong relationship exists between the quality of education afforded students and the competency of all school system employees. The Board places a high priority on both engaging the most competent personnel available and on assisting them to develop throughout their term of employment. The Board believes an effective evaluation plan is crucial in strengthening the skills of all its employees.

    The primary purpose of staff evaluation is to improve the operation of the school system by assisting personnel to become more competent in their area of employment. To be most effective, the evaluation plan should be: 

    Viewed as a positive process designed to indicate the present effectiveness of the employee and to provide goals for improvement.
    Designed to facilitate open dialogue between the evaluator and the evaluatee so that improved performance will result. 

    Classified employees shall be employed as at will employees and serve at the direction of the Board. The principal and/or immediate supervisor of a classified employee should evaluate each employee no less frequently than once each fiscal year. However, if an employee in the annual review receives ratings which are all at or above "satisfactory" levels, the formal evaluation may take place on a two year cycle as long as the employee's service continues to exceed the satisfactory levels. Additional appraisals may be conducted at any time deemed necessary by the evaluator. Efforts will be made to suggest recommendations that will assist an employee whose performance is inadequate. 

    The appraisal instrument and related evaluation procedures shall be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Each formal evaluation will be presented to the employee for his/her review and signature (which indicates the employee's awareness of the completed evaluation). Copies will be distributed as follows: (l) Evaluator, (2) Employee, and (3) Employee's official personnel file. Any employee may respond in writing to the evaluation and have the response placed in his/her personnel evaluation file.