All field trips are trips we try to plan for the year. They are not guaranteed.

    Universal General Greene Field trip Guidelines:

    1. All field trip money must be turned in by the due date stated on the permission slip.
    2. All money should be submitted with the permission slip. Indicate on the permission slip if your child needs a bag lunch from the cafeteria.
    3. Have your child’s name on their lunch and drink before coming to school.
    4. Parents need to call the morning of the trip if your child will not be attending that day, so we are not waiting and wondering if they are coming.
    5. Teachers must be able to get the students ready for the field trip without any interruptions, in order to leave on time. Parents must wait in the hallway after checking in with the teacher, no later than 8:05
    6. Make sure you sign in the office for the volunteer hours.
    7. If you are going to follow the buses, please park behind the buses in the back of the school.
    8. Students must ride the activity buses to the destination.
    9. If your child rides back with you at the end of the field trip, make sure you have signed the release form from the teacher. No child other than your own can ride with you unless accompanied by their