• Welcome Tiger Nation Freshman! 9th grade is a very important and exciting time for you as young adults. 

    What you do NOW can and will impact your high school years as well as your post-secondary plans. 

    Start strong, remain strong and end strong!

  • Now that you are in 9th grade, it's time to get serious about your post-secondary plans….


    · By starting early, you'll be better prepared.

    · Explore Programs and Majors

    · Don't neglect your study habits!

    · Keep up the good work and continue to improve your study skills.

    · Add to or open a college savings account

    · Every bit you and your parents put aside for college helps when it’s time to enroll.

    · Talk to your school counselors, teachers, family members or trusted adults about your plans for college.

    · If you're not sure if college is the best option for you, talk to your counselor.

    · Use Your Plan of Study to keep track of your courses and grades.

    · Invite your counselor to view Your Plan of Study

    · Find out about college entrance requirements for the schools you're interested in.

    · College Search

    · Create a file with report cards, lists of awards and honors, school and community activities, and volunteer work.

    · Find out about AP and other honors-level courses.

    · Continue to get involved in campus and community activities.

    · How are you spending your summer?

    · Volunteering and educational programs can help give you a better idea about what kind of training or career would be right for you.

    · Student Enrichment Programs

    · College life can be a big change — you're on your own!

    · Try taking some small steps towards independence this year, perhaps with more responsibility around your house. 

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