Fairview Media Center Fiction Section

Circulation Procedures


    WHO CHECKS OUT WHAT: Kindergartners and first graders check out one print book at a time.  Second through third graders may check out two print books at a time for personal reading.  In addition, if teachers assign a title for reading groups or research, they may check out additional books.  

    All students may check out up to five ebooks through Destiny with their student login information.  The eBooks will disappear from the account two weeks from checkout, overdue books just can't happen with eBooks!  


    CIRCULATION: Open circulation time is from 7:10 to 7:45 a.m.  

    Books are due two weeks from the checkout date.  If the book is not in high demand, the student may renew the book.  


    DAMAGED BOOKS: Torn pages, loose bindings and damaged covers can all be repaired in the media center with special library tapes and glues.  Please send damaged books back to the media center and do not repair them at home. We also can replace missing spine and barcode labels.  Here are some examples of the types of damage that may not be repairable: missing pages, water-damaged covers and pages, chewed or missing covers, pages stuck together with food or other substances, and marks that obscure words or illustrations. 


    LOST AND OVERDUE BOOKS: We do not charge overdue fines, but students are expected to pay for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair.  


    BOOKS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS:  All Guilford County Schools use the Destiny circulation and catalog system.  If your child transfers to Fairview without returning books from another GCS school, it shows up on Destiny in our media center.  Mrs. Adkins will be glad to assist you in returning the books or explaining the payment procedure so that your student can retain full media center privileges at Fairview.