• Hi! I'm Dr. Hanna Moore. I'm an EC teacher at Ragsdale. This is my 10th year in special education, and my first year at Ragsdale. I am so excited to be here! Please see the links to the left for more information about me, ways to contact me, and helpful resources. 

    This year, my schedule is: 

    1st Semester

    1st block: English 1 with Mr. Maness
    2nd block: English 3 with Ms. Bacciarelli
    3rd block: English 1 with Ms. VanThillo
    4th block: Planning

    2nd Semester

    1st block: English 1 with Mr. Maness, Math 3 with Mrs. B. Johnson
    2nd block: English 1 with Ms. Wilson, Math 2 with Ms. Sells
    3rd block: English 3 with Ms. Bacciarelli, Math 1 with Mrs. Puckett
    4th block: Planning

    Office Hours

    I will be holding office hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15 - 9:45, as well as by appointment. 

    The Microsoft Teams link for my office hours can be found under "Live Teaching Times" on the Canvas pages for each of the courses listed above.