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  • Senior Portraits, Quotes, and Yearbook Information


    Senior Portraits proofs will be delivered via mail and at the email address provided when you took your portraits. Please make sure you go online and pick out your Yearbook photo. Your yearbook photo should be the formal tux/drape with the blue backdrop. If you do not pick your pose, I will do it for you. Students who took make-up portraits should be patient to receive their proofs. Please allow at least another week, before contacting Prestige. If you have not received your proofs yet, please contact Prestige at (336) 765-7288.

    Yearbooks are on sale for $55.00. Any senior who purchases a full page ad by the end of October will receive $20.00 discount on their yearbook. Senior Ad prices are $100.00 for a full page which holds 15 photos; $75 for a half page; $65.00 for a quarter page, and $55.00 for a eighth of a page. Both yearbooks and Senior ads can be ordered at www.yearbookforever.com. If you order a full page by the October deadline,  bring your receipt to Ms. Felder for your coupon code.

    Senior Quotes can now be turned in starting today until October 11th. Any quote that is deemed inappropriate will not be used. Seniors can send their quotes in via this link. https://tinyurl.com/senior22quotes DO NOT send quotes to Ms. Felder. This is a HARD deadline, meaning quotes will not be accepted after October 11th.


    Yearbooks are on sale for $55 until October. Students who purchase a full page senior ad will recieve a $10 coupon for their yearbook.

    Senior Ads

    Order yours today at www.yearbookforever.com. The size of your message is up to you. The cost is as follows:

    • a full page holds 15 photos and costs $100
    • a half page holds 8 photos and costs $75
    • a quarter page holds 4 photos and costs $65
    • an eighth page can hold 1 photo and costs $55

    Other Important Yearbook Dates

    Senior Quotes Due:  10/11/2021

    Senior Ads Due: 2/7/2022

    Cap and Gown Photos: 2/18/2022