• Taking care of your child — and their future.

  • We all want a great path for our children. At Guilford County Schools, we offer choices that personalize learning, a safe and supportive environment, and a sense of belonging and connection across our school family and our greater community. We provide an inspiring diversity of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, to prepare students for every challenge and opportunity that comes their way.

    Your path. Your potential. Your place.


    When you enroll in GCS, you set your child up for amazing possibilities. Download our kindergarten, middle school or high school resource guide and learn more.

  • Kindergarten Readiness Guide  

    GCS Quick Tool for kindergarten


  • Click here to access kindergarten requirements in Spanish.

  • Give your child a great start with safe, supportive learning environments.

    At GCS, we know that feeling safe — healthy, valued and respected — plays a critical role in learning. We have everything in place so that your child experiences the joys and excitement of school in a safe, supportive learning environment. We partner with the Guilford County Health Department and Duke University’s ABC Science Collaborative to develop health and safety protocols. These and other top priorities make GCS stronger today than ever. 

  • We’re excited for you and your student to become a part of our community!

    Find your school, learn about registration requirements and enroll your child using the quick links below.

  • At GCS, we support each family with:

    •  A personalized learning experience that allows you and your child to choose their path beginning in elementary school with outstanding academic programming and opportunities for specialization at magnet and choice schools
    •  Dedicated tablets for each child, as well as excellent instructional materials and library access

    •  Several of the highest performing schools in the state and nation

    •  Caring, highly credentialed and professionally trained teachers, ranking GCS 10th nationwide for board-certified educators

    •  Tools, resources and community for parents and caregivers through Guilford Parent Academy

    •  A staff that works together to offer comprehensive services to support your child, day to day and year to year — nutrition, counseling, special education, accelerated learning and more

     Learn more about what makes GCS a proud state and national leader.