• Mr. Nicolas Simonetti

Mr. Nicolas Simonetti
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    My name is Nicolas Simonetti and I am a Math teacher at ECG. This is my 12th year teaching and my third year at ECG! I spent my first nine years teaching just down the road at Western Guilford High School where I taught everything from Math 1 to Honors Calculus. I learned a lot in my two years at ECG and I am even more excited about my third year!

    Here is some more personal information about me:

    I am from Commack, NY and I earned my Bachelors in Mathematics with a concentration in Adolescent Education from St. Joseph's College. Shortly after I started teaching, I earned my M.Ed from UNCG. I have been an AP Statistics Reader for the past five years, and I am a National Board Certified Teacher.

    I am married to my wife Michelle and we have the best little boys, Nathan and Luca. Nathan will be 5 in September, and Luca is one and a half years old. We also have three dogs; Charley, Penny, and Evie. My favorite sports teams are the New York Mets and the NY Giants. My favorite hobbies are playing baseball, golf, and geocaching. 

    Here is my schedule for the Fall Semester:

    1st Period -- Planning

    2nd Period -- Honors Math 3

    3rd Period -- Honors Math 3

    4th Period -- Honors Math 3

    Honors Math 3 Syllabus


    Here is my schedule for the Spring Semester:

    1st Period -- Planning

    2nd Period -- AP Statistics 

    3rd Period -- AP Precalculus

    4th Period -- AP Precalculus


    AP Precalculus Syllabus

    AP Statistics Syllabus

    AP Statistics Parent Letter Regarding Mock Exam


    If you need some extra help or ever have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me at simonen@gcsnc.com or nsimonetti@guilford.edu.