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    PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online resource that gives you as parents, access
    to your child’s grades and attendance. PowerSchool is a resource that will stay
    with your child until they graduate high school. Attendance is conducted daily
    using PowerSchool. Grades are updated regularly. Please take the time to get
    registered on PowerSchool.

    PowerSchool can be downloaded as an app or you can use the link below. You
    will need to get some information first. Please contact Kathy Acuff at: . Let her know that you are wanting to get connected on
    PowerSchool. She will give you an access code that is specific for your child. Use
    that code when creating an account with PowerSchool. Mrs. Acuff will also give
    you your child’s student ID number, which you will also need to register in


    Click HERE to follow the link.

  • What is curriculum night?

    Curriculum night is an educational open house by grade, that takes place at the beginning of the school year for parents to receive critical information that will benefit your child’s learning throughout the year.


    At curriculum night, you can expect:

    • teacher presentations on curriculum
    • teachers providing an outline for routines and expectations—a great help in getting students prepared for a successful school year
    • other resources you as a family has access to support your student


    Why should I go to curriculum night?

    1. Connect with parents and participate in Q&As.

    Use the occasion to meet the parents of your child’s peers and participate in a group question and answer time. Sometimes you learn the most from the questions asked by others.


    1. See firsthand what students will be learning.

    Get the overview of the timetable, routine and curriculum breakdown of what will be covered this year. This will also include field trips, and other topics students will look forward to.


    1. Understand homework expectations and evaluation practices.

    Learn about homework and expectations, as well as what students need to bring to school to be successful.


    1. Get familiar with your child’s learning environment.

    Opportunities to get into the school allow you to see where your student spends a large portion of their day.


    1. Learn about the teacher’s communication strategy.

    Teachers will explain how they plan to interact with students and parents throughout the year, whether by emails, agendas, or other digital sources.


    1. Be informed on school policies and rules.

    Use this time to get information on school safety routines, as well as pick-up and drop off expectations.


    1. Find out how to get involved and volunteer.

    If you’re interested in volunteering, use this evening as a chance to learn how to become involved in your child’s school.


    1. Send your child a message that you care.

    This may be the most important reason to attend: You’ll show your child that you are interested in their experiences as a student and in what they are learning.

    • Yearbook Pictures can be submitted now!  Please note, do not crop or modify the resolution of the images. Life Touch needs large image files.  Also, we are looking for group photos.  Please include as many students in your pictures as possible and no other family members.


    Directions for Shutterfly Share Site for SWES Yearbook...


    • Create and/or Login to your Shutterfly Account.
    • Click HERE 
    • Click on the “Ask” button to ask the site owner to make you a member 
    • A box will appear, “Ask to become a member.” Fill in your name and click “ASK.”
    • A smaller box will appear “Request Sent” confirming that a message has been sent to the site owner & that you’ll receive an email once the owner adds you as a member of “SWES.”
    • Once you receive the confirmation email, you may click on the URL in that email. When the site opens, you will receive a “Welcome to the “SWES site” greeting.
    • You are now ready to upload photos!!



    Uploading Photos to Shutterfly Share Site...


    • Click on “Upload new pictures.”
    • Upload pictures from “My Device.”
    • Once uploaded, click on the “Edit” option and then click on “Tag Pictures”.

    **If this option doesn’t appear, you may have to click on the blue link with the current date of the album (located directly above the picture(s) you just uploaded. Then you will see the “Add name tags” option at the bottom left. Once you click on “Add name tags,” you will see what those with the “Edit” option are able to see.

    • For “Tags” enter your teacher’s name.
    • For “Title” enter the name of the event/celebration
    • Press “Save”


    If you are prompted to send an email to invite people to see tagged pictures, please click on “Skip."