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    My name is Tony Triolo.  I worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories and AT&T Laboratories for 22 years as a computer programmer and computer engineer. For 10 years I worked for Guilford County Schools as a substitute teacher and for the last 5 years I coordinate the computer labs at Doris Henderson Newcomers School.
    Elementary school classes come to the computer lab at least for one hour once a week.  Additional computer lab classes can be scheduled as needed.  Classroom teachers decide the lesson that the class will study during their computer lab time.  Topics often covered are reading and literacy, math, social studies and science. 
    Middle school classes have regularly scheduled computer lab sessions.  If needed, additional time may be scheduled to work on or complete projects assigned by the classroom teacher.  During their regularly scheduled computer lab session, early in the first semester students study topics such as the parts of a computer system and how they are used.  Later on students will learn keyboarding or work on projects using several software programs, such as Microsoft Office Products: Word, Power Point, Excel, as well as safely researching information on the internet using Internet Explorer.  During the second semester students will be introduced to computer programming.
    High school classes may schedule computer lab time whenever needed.  Classroom teachers determine the time and lesson the class will study.  Students may be introduced to using a computer and keyboarding or they may come to work on a project related to their regular classroom study.
Tony Triolo
Computer Lab Time