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    Time to JUMP START the school year with this fun, interactive learning experience!

    Jump Start 2020 FAQ

    • What is Jump Start 2020?  Jump Start online opportunities are summer programs intended to accelerate learning for selected students who are entering grades 1-4 in the 2020-2021 school year.
    • How are students identified to participate in Jump Start?  GCS district staff and administrators have identified students who will benefit the most from additional content during the summer based on data from school programs.
    • How will GCS provide Jump Start for selected students?  GCS is partnering with Waterford Early Learning to provide a personalized online learning opportunity. Students will engage in automated online lessons and activities to meet their individual needs in reading and math.
    • How will identified students access the learning materials?  Students will access Waterford through the Clever application. Click HERE to log in!  Instructions in multiple languages are linked to this page.
    • What username and password will we use to log in?  Use your student's ten digit ID number (lunch number) followed by @stu.gcsnc.com as the username:  0000000000@stu.gcsnc.com.  Use your student's birthdate as the password: mmddyyyy.
    • Will my child have a teacher? Your child will not be assigned a teacher.  The Waterford platform provides an independent, interactive learning experience that is accessible to students without an instructor.
    • How much assistance will my student need from me? Once your student logs on to the Waterford platform, independent learning can begin.  The Waterford program is child-friendly and engaging.  Children will be able to participate independently.
    • How much time is recommended for students to spend in the platform daily? The recommended time is 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of math/science 5 days per week.
    • What are the dates and student hours for Jump Start 2020?  Identified students have access to Jump Start right away.  Students will have ongoing access.
    • What if families need a device to participate in Jump Start? Families should contact their child's school to obtain a device.
    • What if my child needs Internet access to participate?  Wireless Internet access is available from several parking lots in the district. Sites are listed here https://www.gcsnc.com/Page/64905.
    • What if my student has technical difficulties when accessing Waterford Early Learning? If families have difficulty with the Waterford platform, they can contact Waterford directly: 877-499-7997 or welsupport@waterford.org

Log In to Clever By Clicking on the Image Below

Instructions for Accessing Clever

Instructions for Accessing Waterford

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