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Simkins is selling Attractions Books...get yours today!

GOAL: We are asking each family to participate by selling at least 1 coupon book. All money earned will provide instructional materials and supplies for every student. We only have a short time to reach our goal; Tuesday, September 17th is our last day!

Attractions is a money saving book with great deals on everything. WHAT: The average family saves over $373.60 a year  with this book.

1. Collect orders and return payment using the provided envelope, OR use EZPay for safe easy and secure online payment. If you order through EZPay, please turn in the envelope and note that you already paid.

2. The cost of each book is $25. Make checks payable to: Simkins Elementary. Cash or EZPAY is also accepted. Pay online with EZPAY. Go to:

and enter EZPay Code: Simkinsharks

Sell 5 Books, Get 1 FREE! Sell 10 Books, Get 2 FREE! No limit. Only available through EZPay.

3. Orders will be filled ASAP. Tuesday, September 17th is the last day to turn in orders and be eligible for prizes.

4.If you are buying or selling, keep the book! If you are unable to participate, please return the book in its original condition immediately.

5. Questions? Contact Liz Sherrill at or 336-697-3070.

6. Pro Tips: Make a list of contacts, take your book with you everywhere, post on Facebook, and visit local businesses for large sales!


• Class with the most sales receives a Pizza Party

• Class with 100% participation receives a Popcorn Party

• If the school reaches the goal of selling 600 books, we will duct tape Mrs. Jordan to the wall!

• Each teacher with 100% class participation receives a free Attractions book


Attractions books available editions in: Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina