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Daily Student Entry Form

Car Rider Daily Entry Form 


If your child will be a  Car rider:

You will be given a rearview mirror hangar that will have a QR code on it.  You can use the QR code or this link to access the form and complete it once you get to school. 

Please know:

  • If you have an Iphone you can simply open your camera and hold it as if you were going to take a picture of the QR code.  You will then be directed to open the form
  • You can also download a QR code reader on your phone to access the document. 
  • A Simkins staff member will continue to take your child’s temperature each morning. 

We only ask that you complete the form while you are in the car rider line each morning.  If you fill out the form in line, we are going to ask for a visual  confirmation by asking to see the completed form on your screen.  Once you complete the form it will say “form completed!”  That is all that we need to see. 😊  Please understand that if we don’t have confirmation of a completed form we will simply complete the from again with a Simkins staff member.   


Bus Rider Daily Entry Form

If your child will be a bus rider:

  • Bus rider parents can access the Student Entry Form in the link below.   If you would, please fill out the form each morning before your child gets to school.  This will help the teachers and staff as we must complete this from each morning before the students enter the classroom.  We realize that the last question on the form asks for your child’s temperature.  If you would like to take their temperature please feel free.  If not, please just put any number in the form. 
  • All students will be temperature screened when they get off the bus. 
  • When you complete the form, please dojo or email your child's teacher  and let them know that the form has been completed.  This will save the time of completing this form with every bus rider each day.  Thanks SO much for your help with this.  You can access the daily form here.