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Fitnessgram Testing

In grades K-5, our PE teacher conducts and records fitness assessments called Fitnessgram.  Children at Simkins Elementary will be doing the Fitnessgram  assessments during PE class. (It is important to always dress for success on PE days by wearing comfortable clothing and sneakers.) Grades K-2 will only test in the spring, while grades 3-5 will test in the fall and the spring.  (Grades K-2 will do a practice test in the fall so they will know what to expect in the spring.) 

These tests measure cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition (body mass index- BMI).  This is not a pass fail test. Any parent/guardian wishing to withdraw his or her student from the BMI data collection process may do so in writing to Mrs. Pagano at  Fitness testing results are confidential and an annual fitness testing report will be shared with each parent/guardian.