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A Special Message From Principal Marshall

Hello Golden Eagle Parents: 

Please read this important announcement regarding GCS Summer Learning Program. 

Your student may be invited to participate in the GCS Summer Learning Program at Ben L. Smith High School, a free academic summer camp through Guilford County Schools. This invitation to Fifth Quarter is based on Reading and Math NWEA assessments, student's grades, previous EOC data and additional assessment data.

Fifth Quarter is a chance for students who are failing a core content course or had an Incomplete at the end of fourth quarter to improve to a passing grade.  Two sessions will be offered, each three weeks long. Students may participate in both sessions. Tutors will be offered for core content areas.


How did our students obtain this opportunity?

In April, the N.C. State Legislature passed Senate Bill 387 and House Bill 82, which authorize summer in-person instruction programs to address learning loss and provide enrichment activities. Guilford County Schools’ summer program will provide early intervention and enrichment experiences to support growth in core academic content and encourage social-emotional development.


We know that many children have struggled with learning during the pandemic. Based on Northwest Evaluation Association, Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA-MAP) and other assessment data, your child does not currently meet grade-level expectations in core content areas. Summer learning is the first step to your child’s academic recovery.

 If this criteria describes your student then........

What are your next steps?

Contact your child’s school counselor to register. 


Summer Learning Details:

  • Dates: Session 1- June 14-July 1– Session 2- July 12-July 29
  • Instructional day -9 a.m. -1:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  • Transportation will be provided upon request.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
  • IEP and 504 services will be provided.
  • Students will receive small group and individual support academically and socioemotionally.

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 336-294-7300. We look forward to seeing your child this summer.



Dr. Melvin Marshall, Principal

Ben L. Smith High School