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Reality of Money Volunteers Needed

Purpose of the Reality of Money

Through the Reality of Money Simulation students make financial decisions about paying for housing, transportation and other monthly expenses as they are "transformed" into young adults with jobs and other responsibilities to manage. Volunteers will assist students as they move through each of the 11 stations. Students are exposed to various financial learning points such as the value of furthering their education after high school, the limiting effect bad credit has on their lifestyle choices and "living within their means" allows them to save for their financial future. This hands-on activity will ignite your passion for financial literacy and experiential learning!


Reality of Money Video


SECU’s Reality of Money Simulation Agenda

Southeast High School – Host Site

4530 SE School Rd., Greensboro

Friday, December 6th, 2019

8:30am – 4:00pm


SECU Contact: Ray Weaver, Greensboro- S. Elm/Eugene and Cynthia Quinichett of Greensboro

SEHS Contact: Haywood Stukes, CDC


Volunteer Check-in/ Breakfast------------------8:15am – 8:30am

Main Office/Old Gymnasium


Volunteer Orientation ---------------8:30am – 8:50am


Session One------------------------8:50am – 10:25am

  1. Smith
  2. Francis
  3. Greeson

Total: 54 students                                           


Session Two ----------------------10:31am – 12:02pm

  1. Smith
  2. Taylor

Total: 41 students


Lunch Break-----------------------12:02pm – 12:32pm


Session Three----------------------12:38pm – 2:12pm

  1. Taylor
  2. Baldwin

Total: 47 students


Session Four-------------------------2:18pm – 3:50pm

  1. Smith
  2. Taylor

Total: 64 students