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SEHS Re-Opening Plan

February 14 Weekly Message

Important Dates

February 23 – ACT (Face to Face/Juniors last name A – K, all other grade levels and cohorts are remote asynchronous)

March 4 – Interim Reports

March 9 – ACT (Face to Face/Juniors last name L – Z, all other grade levels and cohorts are remote asynchronous)

March 23 – ACT make up testing, PreACT testing (all 10th graders), everyone else remote asynchronous

May 3 thru May 14 – AP Exams

May 28 thru June 3 – Final Exams


Remote Learning 2nd Semester

The GCS Board of Education has voted for high school students to return to face to face instruction within the next few weeks, a few grade levels at a time.  If you want your Southeast High student to continue learning remotely for the remainder of second semester, it is important to first notify your child’s counselor immediately. Second visit our website and log into SchoolMint to enroll in the GCS eLearning Academy at Southeast High School. Email addresses for our counselors are listed below.


Ms. Jordan (A-E)

Ms. Colson (F-K)

Mrs. Albright (L-R)

Ms. Manning (S-Z)


Re-Entry Plan

The board approved a phased approach that will include Cohorts. Cohorts will be divided up alphabetically, Cohort A (A-K) and Cohort B (L-Z).  Cohort A will attend face to face instruction Monday and Tuesday with synchronous instruction on Thursday and Friday.  Cohort B will attend face to face instruction Thursday and Friday with synchronous instruction on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone will be remote on Wednesday.  The school day will start at 9:55 am and end at 4:25 pm. More details about our reopening plan can be found at SEHS Re-Opening Plan


Bell Schedule

Southeast students will return to face-to-face instruction in phases beginning February 22nd. When students return to face-to-face on February 22, all students (regardless of grade level) will follow the Face-to-Face Daily Bell Schedule which can be found on our school website.  First block will begin at 9:55am and the school day will end at 4:25pm.  Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classrooms.  Students will not be eating the cafeteria. 


Arrival Procedures

Students who are car riders should enter from the Woody Mill Road entrance.  Car riders should arrive between 9:25am and 9:55am at the Front Office Entrance.  Car riders will be screened there before exiting their cars.  Once screened, car riders will enter at the main entrance.  Car riders should not arrive before 9:25am.


All student drivers should park in the Tennis Court lots and arrive between 9:25am and 9:55am.  Parking permits will not be necessary now.  Student drivers will exit their cars and be screened by the weight room.  Once screened, student drivers will enter the building by the weight room.


Students who ride a bus will be screened upon exiting the bus and will enter the building by the bus lot.  If your student was assigned a bus for the 2019-20 school year, they will be assigned a bus already without having to request transportation.  That information can be found in PowerSchool under the Transportation tab located on the left side of the screen.  A student new to Southeast that needs transportation will need to complete a “Transportation Preference Form” that can be found on the district website or by clicking Here.  It does take a couple of days to process the request.


All students who arrive late to school will be screened and enter through the main office. 


Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount as students return to the building.  All students will be required to wear a face covering while on campus.  Our daily screening process will occur before students enter the building.  This will include a temperature check and answering 4 questions related to COVID, exposure to COVID, and symptoms related to COVID.  All classrooms are set-up at reduced capacity according to recommended guidelines and will be cleaned between each class change.  All hallways are labeled as one direction.  Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classrooms daily.


Lunches and Eating Guidelines

Lunches will be from 1:05pm to 1:30pm each day for every teacher.  Lunches will be delivered at the beginning of third block.


Students will eat in their classrooms for the remainder of the school year unless guidance changes from the CDC and GCS.

  • Students should eat at their desk socially distanced from others when removing their face covering to eat or drink.
  • Students should not walk or stand within 6 feet of anyone who has their face covering removed.
  • All individuals should replace their face coverings as soon as they are done eating.



Parents, please pay attention to your child’s engagement in class.  Their engagement in class will impact whether they are marked present or absent in a class.  Students are marked present for the day:

  • If they physically attend school on their assigned cohort day or
  • If they attend live instruction on their remote days or 
  • If they have a daily check-in (two-way communication) with their teacher on their remote days or  
  • If they access the day’s recorded lessons on their remote days or  
  • If they submit the day’s work on their remote days.  

If there is no contact with a student/parent or no evidence of engagement, the student should be marked absent.  Even if a school is completely virtual, attendance must be taken each day of the school year regardless of instructional delivery.