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Southeast Guilford High School Exam Grading Policy 2020-21

Southeast Guilford High School Exam Grading Policy 2020-21


State Tests (face to face exams January 11-15 and May 27-June 3):

State Board Policy (TEST-003) mandates that End of Course (EOC) assessments be a minimum of 20% of the student’s final grade. The state is allowing students enrolled in Fall 2020 courses to delay the state required exam until June 2021. In addition, GCS has set the following criteria for mandated state tests:

  • Any student that does not show for their in-person state mandated exam will
    • Be assigned an Incomplete grade until students take the exam; allowing students to test late (students can test until June 2021).
      • Students who do not show for their postponed exam in June will have their exam grade changed to a 50 calculating as 20% of their final course grade.
      • Students with medical documentation, can apply for a medical exemption.
  • Any student that takes the exam will not experience a devastating outcome as a result of one test grade. Students who take the state mandated exam will receive the highest of:
    • Actual exam grade 
    • A score of 60 
    • Average of the two grading periods without the exam


Teacher Made Exams and District Final Exams (January 11-15 and May 25-26):

Schools continue to determine the percentage of non-state mandated exams. Southeast will calculate teacher made exams and district final exams as 20% of the student’s final grade. 

  • Per district policy, no teacher made exam or district final exam will negatively impact a student’s final grade. 


For a full list of in person exams and remote exams, please refer to the May/June 2021 Exam Schedule.