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Southeast High Students Have a New Attendance Policy

Southeast High Attendance Policy 2019-2020

Southeast High School believes that student attendance is a predictor for student engagement and success in the school. With that understanding, Southeast High follows the GCS Board Policy concerning student attendance (P-JBD, pages47-50 of the GCS Student Handbook). Policy JBD requires students to make-up time after their third block absence (excused/lawful or unexcused/unlawful).

Students who have excessive absences (4 or more) from a class during the following time periods will be placed on INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC) until make-up time is completed:

  • Four (4) absences during a marking period from a 90-day block class.

Parents will be notified by the teacher of the INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC) in the course. The INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC) will be recorded on the report card in lieu of a letter grade for all courses each marking period, regardless of that student’s present grade average until make-up time is completed. Each excessive absence (unlawful and lawful) is made up by:

  • Block Schools – 1 absence = 45 minutes make-up time

When an absence qualifies for make-up time, it should be made up three (3) days following that absence unless the course teacher agrees to an extension. If the absence occurs at the end of a grading period, the absence must be made up within ten (10) days. In the last grading period of the semester, all absences must be made up within that grading period. A student who has completed the make-up time to earn credit will receive his/ her earned grade. If a student does not complete the make-up time, their INCOMPLETE STATUS will convert to an F (59) as their final grade for that marking period. In addition to make-up time policy, students with excessive absences may face disciplinary consequences (as described in Code of Conduct), including not being able to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as field trips (no more than 10% absences per block unless time is made up by date of trip), prom, FFA, athletic events.

Students and parents may appeal to the school attendance committee for permission (e.g., medical and /or unusual circumstances) to remove INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC) or to extend make-up time. This request must be made in writing to the principal within ten (10) school days of notification of INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC). Additionally, a request for permission to amend the INCOMPLETE STATUS (INC) due to a chronic medical condition needs to be made in writing to the principal and include appropriate medical documentation.

To ensure that student attendance is communicated with parents, Southeast will notify parent/guardians of student absences:

  • After 3 absences
  • After 6 absences
  • After 10 absences

Southeast High School will also notify parents when students have perfect attendance for all their blocks each month.

To further recognize students who are attending school, Southeast has the following incentives in place:

  • 1 month perfect block attendance: 2 minute early dismissal for one month to lunch
  • 2 months perfect block attendance: free game pass
  • Semester perfect block attendance for semester: free gifts or passes to area businesses

Classroom teachers may also provide class-based incentives or consequences based on attendance.