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Southern Elementary PTA

We all want the best opportunities for our children. Supporting an active PTA at our school is an impactful way to enrich our child’s school experience.

In previous years, the Southern Elementary PTA has:

  • Sent our kids on field trips
  • Provided classroom grants
  • Supported book fairs and author visits
  • Purchased end-of-year awards
  • Provided reading incentives
  • Purchased educational software
  • Supplemented the school library with new books
  • Funded technology and audio/visual purchases for classrooms
  • Supported special events such as Fall Festival, Movie Night, and Spring Fling

Currently, the Southern Elementary PTA has little funding and needs active members.

We NEED to change this.

As parents, we have learned so much and appreciate our teachers and staff more than ever after being home the last year with Virtual/eLearning. Did you know that annually our teachers spend an AVERAGE of $526.00 OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS to fund their classrooms? We need a PTA!  PTA supports our teachers and children in so many ways, not only financially, but personally and emotionally.

We all have busy lives, time crunches, and responsibilities. We need to build a PTA for our kids. There are a lot of activities and things we can do as a community to bring not only our families together to make a stronger connection, but a connection with our school and our children. If you can’t or don’t have extra time to volunteer, you can DONATE.  PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, which means its TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  So, if you don’t have money, donate your time and if you don’t have time, donate money.  It’s for OUR CHILDREN! We need people and the finances to help our school SOAR!! 

Join the Southern PTA today. Dues are $7 per person or $10 per family. Payment can be made via CashApp, check, or cash.

If you are interested in joining, helping with a NEW PTA for Southern Elementary, or donating, please fill out the second page in the letter below and send it back to school with your child. You can also reach out via email to

We will have a virtual meeting for those who would like to serve on the PTA. More information to come soon. Let’s make this happen!!

-Jennifer Wilson & Sarah Sills (Southern Elementary parents and PTA supporters)

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Join Today!

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