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In making sure that we maintain safety and order, it is imperative that we as the adults MODEL the correct transportation processes and procedures that we have for students. 


Our school INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS are 8:20am - 3:20pm. Students may enter the building starting at 8am each day. Please see our daily arrival and dismissal procedures below. Dismissal begins at 3:20pm. Thank you in advance for adhering to our processes and procedures.


Arrival Procedures

Dismissal Procedures


When picking up or dropping off students, please PULL ALL THE WAY in the front circle (as far as possible) to allow as many cars as possible to pick up students. Stopping prematurely before we complete the full front line inadvertently backs up traffic. Thank you for considering our students, staff, and each other by allowing as many cars as possible to safely and efficiently pick up students in our front circle.



ALL early student check outs must be done BEFORE 3pm each day. This allows time for us to begin preparing for afternoon dismissal. Please utilize the QR code on our front door to complete the brief questionnaire. Please remember to have your cell phone and Identification when checking students out early. This is safety measure and helps to ensure safety and security. Any parent that arrives after 3pm will be incorporated into our general dismissal beginning at 3:20pm. THANK YOU for adhering to our guidelines and helping to ensure a SAFE and smooth dismissal. We appreciate you!


ONE CARDS: All students will be using their OneCard to sign into school each morning. Please make sure that your student has their OneCard and is wearing it on a lanyard. Students are required to wear the OneCard throughout the school day. If your student has lost his or her OneCard, there is a cost to replace it. Students may either pay $5.00 to their homeroom teacher or parents may go on our school website under the parents tab and pay through the k-12 online system. Once payment is made, a new card can be printed. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Priest.


Please make sure you are are aware of our student dress code:

Our students are watching. We are expecting them to Walk the PATH. However we as the adults must walk the PATH FIRST. We must Practice honesty, Act responsibly, Treat others with respect, and have self-discipline. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the school if you have questions: 336-819-2985. THANK YOU for your partnership!