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Student Device Collection

All school-issued student devices and chargers will be collected through homeroom by grade level on the following dates:

8th Grade: Friday, May 19th
7th Grade: Monday, May 22nd
6th Grade: Tuesday, May 23rd

Please note: Students MUST turn in a working charger with their laptop in order for their device to be charged overnight at school for use during the day as needed AND for EOG/EOC testing. The district nor the school have chargers available for purchase, so students who have lost their device's charger, had it stolen or it has been broken/no longer works will need to purchase a replacement charger to turn in with their device. (Reminder: Students should not have their chargers at school until it is time to turn them in for the year.)

Replacement chargers can be purchased directly from Lenovo by following this link:

Students turning in generic, non-Lenovo chargers will not be credited with having turned in a charger since we cannot add those chargers to our supply and distribute them to other students being that they are not genuine Lenovo chargers.

Devices that are not turned in will be marked lost under the student's account and will be locked to prevent use until they are turned in to the school.