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Mr. Cholewa's Classroom

Hello, I am Mr. Cholewa ( also known as Mr. C ),

     If I get to teach you or your child, thank you for the time you have allowed me to work with your child!!!!  Personally, I have always looked as children as their own unique individuals that very rarely fit the same mold.  My personal views considering each child being truly unique have always helped me in teaching.  Being given the opportunity to be able to teach in a small group environment allows me to teach each child as the true individual that they are, I love this aspect of what I do.  


I look forward to getting to know my students.  A few things that not everyone knows about me that they may find interesting are:

1.  I love music!!!  I play 3 different instruments and go to multiple concerts and music festivals every year.


2.  Traveling is a passion.  I haven't been out of the US in about 2 years, I hope to remedy this soon.


3.  Reading is something I love to do.  I currently have a toddler and unfortunately, it has taken away some of my free time that I normally use to read.  I normally try to read a few books that come from the culture of a place that I am planning to visit.


Jason Cholewa
336 685 5000