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In Honor of You 2023-2024

Celebrate Someone Special with a Book!

Celebrate someone with a book!  In Honor of You Program, February 1st - March 1st; banner with children and books

From February 1st through March 1st, we will be holding our annual In Honor of You program. 

The In Honor of You program allows families to make a donation to honor a special person or event – a child’s birthday, a great report card, a star student, a graduating 5th grader, a favorite teacher, etc. – and add books to the library at the same time! 

The In Honor of You program is run online through our book vendor Follett’s Titlewish website (a secure site).  100% of the money donated will go to purchasing books for our school library!


To support the program,

  1. Visit between February 1st and March 1st and use the FIND YOUR SCHOOL bar to access our school’s Titlewish site.  Our TitleWish site will NOT show up before February 1st.
  2. After donating, return to this page to complete the online dedication form to provide us the content for the book's label.  (This dedication link is not affiliated with Follett, so you will not see it on the TitleWish donation site.)
  3. When the new books come in, Ms. Goodman will bring the students to the library, and they will choose the In Honor of You book they would like dedicated to the library in their name.  A special label will be affixed inside the front cover, and the student will be the FIRST person to check out the donated book!

For more details, click to view the flyer that will go home with students in Monday folders on January 29th.

Thank you for supporting reading and learning at Sternberger!