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Book Fair - ONLINE! October 15 - 28

This year's book fair will be VIRTUAL.  It will run from Friday, October 15th through Thursday, October 28th.  

For information & the links to shop, see Sternberger's Book Fair homepage

(We're having the fair a little earlier this year to allow for additional time for shipping.  Items ordered should likely be received before the winter holidays.)

Will I Be Charged Shipping?:  YES & NO

  • NO: The order is for BOOKS ONLY and totals $25 or more.

  • YES: The order has $25 in books BUT ALSO contains NON-BOOK items (toys, games, crafts, etc.)  

    If you are purchasing NON-BOOK ITEMS also (in addition to $25 in books), create a separate order for these non-book items so shipping will be charged only on the non-book items. 

  • YES: The order is for books only but is LESS THAN $25.

  • YES: The order contains ANY amount of non-book items.  

  • SHIPPING CHARGES should show in your order before payment information is required.


See you (virtually) at the Book Fair!