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District Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to the following students who earned top awards are the Guilford County Schools District Science Fair:


In Elementary, Ayuzah Shah and Kellan Harding were category winners.

In the Biology A Division, Indu Murugan earned 2nd place.

In the Biology B Division, Emily Medina earned 2nd place and Samanyu Manjunath earned 1st place.

In the Chemistry Division, Anika Barnes earned 3rd place.

In the Earth and Environmental Division, Caroline Boone earned 2nd place and Soyu Hong earned 1st place.

In the Engineering Division, Michelle Zhu won 2nd place and Jiyu Hong won 1st place.

In the Physics Division, Annie Riquelme-Lobos won 3rd place and Anderson Lam won 1st place.

In the Technology Division, Pearson Jones and Myrah Christian won 2nd place and Lakshya Mehta won 1st place.


All first place winners will move on to the Regional Science Fair competition in February, so good luck to Samanyu, Soyu, Jiyu, Anderson, and Lakshya at the next level!