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Scholarship Information

Paying for college can be a challenge for most families and getting a scholarship is a great way to help cover the cost.  Scholarships are gifts of free money awarded to students. 

Make sure you go online and research various scholarships  available for graduating seniors.  Look for scholarships offered by a variety of sources.  The money is there. Continue your scholarship search and APPLY!!!

In addition to this message, more scholarship information can be obtained at the Academy at Smith's Scholarship Webpage found HERE.


1. SAT and/or ACT scores testing prior to the senior year provides time to retake the tests for improved scores and makes the test scores available when needed for scholarships and college entry. You can retake the SAT and/or ACT during your senior year to improve your scores.

2. Mail applications well in advance of the deadline.

3. Mail all required forms and documents in the same package to avoid lost forms, incomplete submissions and disqualification.

4. Submit only documents requested. Additional information is not used to determine the applicant’s status.

5. Submit all requested information in the form required (example: G.P.A in a 4-point un-weighted grade scale).

6. Basic musts for students: [1] Write clearly; [2] Complete all required information; [3] Complete only those sections designated for you; [4] Secure all required signatures; [5] Read instructions carefully; and [6] submit only the information requested.

7. When submitting tax information for financial need, be sure the form shows the adjusted gross income, the number of dependents covered by that income, and any other required data. The first page of the standard Federal 1040 tax return provides that information. Submit only copies of tax forms unless originals are required.

8. Apply for scholarships for which you are qualified.

9. Answer only the questions asked when given the opportunity for a written response. Additional information is not used to determine the applicant’s status.

Getting money for school starts with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will determine how much your family can afford for college, in the eyes of the federal government. You can get forms by calling (800) 433-3243. The form should be filled out as soon as possible after Jan 1 of the student's senior year in high school.
The world's largest and oldest private sector scholarship database, twenty (20) years of scholarship research, constantly updated.
This a one stop site for students and parents with information on financial strategies, career options, and college planning.
Site provides guidance on choosing majors, careers, links to colleges and links to scholarship programs.
This site is designed to assist you in making college and career choices, learning about scholarships and financial aid, even where to find bargains in campus housing.
The site provides links and information about a variety of financial aid/assistance resources.
This site provides information about college planning, selecting, applying, and financing; along with a variety of other useful information.
Provides a calculator that helps you approximate the amount of aid you can obtain or the expected family contribution (EFC) which is the amount you and your child are expected to contribute to the cost of education. This allows you to not have to wait for the FAFSA results.
This site provides information about how to develop a plan for college, how to find scholarships and student loan programs, how to choose a career and how to find answers to frequently asked questions.
At this site you can find information about scholarships, loans, financial aid, applications, aid calculators, and answers to a host of financial aid questions.
This College Scholarships and Financial Aid site is designed to offer college bound students, parents, and counselors easy access to information on colleges and universities throughout the United States, free college scholarship and financial aid searches, and SAT and ACT test preparation tips, and more. The site consist of an online directory of college and university admissions office email addresses and telephone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, and links to the home pages and online applications of more than a thousand colleges and universities. And, the site has a page of links to the very best college and university admissions, college scholarship, and financial aid pages on the web. You will even find information on graduate schools, the GRE and GMAT examinations, MBA programs, the TOEFL, community colleges, historically African-American colleges, and campus life.
This site provides information about federal financial aid programs.
Scholarship Resource Network Express is a search engine and database of private scholarships designed to assist students identify resources for undergraduate through postgraduate study. This database also includes student loan forgiveness programs for those who have graduated from college and need alternatives for repayment. The award listings in the SRN database contain more detailed information than can be found in most scholarship databases and scholarship listing books. SRN contains more than 8,000 programs with a distribution level of over 150,000 awards worth a total of more than $35 million.
Aid in matching each student's background, automatically, with eligibility requirements for scholarships from around the country and advise them about scholarship opportunities tailored to them. All for free.
At this site you can find information about scholarships, loans, financial aid, applications, aid calculators, and answers to a host of financial aid questions.
Provides tips on everything from registering for the SAT online to searching through the scholarship locator.
This site also provides a wealth of research resources for parents, educators and researchers seeking information about college costs, financial aid and other education-related issues. Children will enjoy the home schooling resources that help make learning fun! If you have questions about saving for college, or if you'd like to request a college planning kit by regular mail, complete the request form or call toll free 800-888-2723. The goal of this site is to provide you -- the investor or professional advisor -- with the most comprehensive, current, and objective information available regarding qualified state tuition programs ("529 Plans").
This site provides information about state sponsored college saving plans.