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COVID-19 Vaccination Opportunity

COVID-19 Vaccination Opportunity: To help make your lives just a little bit easier, GCS is pleased to offer a special COVID-19 vaccination opportunity for eligible GCS high school students. Participation is voluntary.  GCS will provide transportation for a field trip experience to the federally supported vaccination site at Four Seasons Town Centre for GCS students ages 16 and up so they can receive their COVID-19 vaccinations. There is no charge for the vaccinations; however, we will need signed permission from each student’s parent or legal guardian to allow us to transport your child from school to the vaccination site and back, and to allow health officials to administer the Pfizer vaccination.  To see the full announcement, click HERE ( AQUÍ para español ).

Click HERE to see the NC Department of Health and Human Services flyer. 

Click HERE ( AQUÍ para español )for the Vaccination Authorization Form. 

Click HERE for transportation information.

Click HERE ( AQUÍ para español ) for the transportation field trip permission form.