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ECG Named in Top 10 STEM schools in the Nation

Still Going Strong: ECG Ranked In

TOP 10 STEM Schools in the Country!

To come up with its rankings, educational research company used a proprietary regression analysis. It assessed data from the second quarter of 2015 through the third quarter of 2019 to find out which schools in America best offer students experiences in STEM while preparing them for post-secondary outcomes, such as college or careers. The rankings took into consideration affluence and median household income, among other factors, according to Newsweek.

Texas had three schools crack the top 10 best STEM schools overall in the country, including the top two institutions.

School of Science and Engineering, located in Dallas, Texas, was ranked as the No. 1 STEM school in the United States.

STEM schools in eight different states made the top 10.

  1. School of Science and Engineering: Dallas, Texas
  2. School for the Talented and Gifted: Dallas, Texas
  3. Stanford Online High School: Redwood City, California
  4. Bronx High School of Science: Bronx, New York
  5. University of Chicago Laboratory Schools: Chicago, Illinois
  6. Liberal Arts and Science Academy: Austin, Texas
  7. The Early College at Guilford: Greensboro, North Carolina
  8. Maine School of Science and Mathematics: Limestone, Maine
  9. Cranbrook Schools: Bloomsfield Hills, Michigan
  10. Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science: Worcester, Massachusetts

The full report on the best STEM schools in America is available on

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