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Driver's Ed News

The North Carolina Driving School is now scheduling new opportunities for students to register for virtual driver’s education classes. Even though virtual, classes are being scheduled for students at specific schools to help manage the large number of students across the district that are waiting for driver’s education classes.

To help with the backlog of students who have been waiting since March 2020, only students 15 years and older can register for new classes. Where our typical classes allowed as many as 50 students to enroll, the number of virtual classes is limited to 30. Classes are being added regularly, so encourage students to check regularly at for class schedules and registration information.

As driver’s education classes are completed, students will be required to complete the NCDMV vision check before they can begin behind-the-wheel training. Although the NCDMV initially allowed us to hold this outdoors, they are now requiring that they be indoors and must be completed before 5:00 PM. As the need for a vision check is needed for students at a school, the driver’s education instructor will work with the school administration to schedule a date and location for these vision checks.

For more questions, please contact Leigh Hebbard 336-370-8950