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Everybody Counts Census 2020!!


Community Partners:

You’ve heard about the 2020 Census and many of you have responded to the census. Still, in your census tract many more have not yet responded.


Why is that important?

Census responses affect planning and funding for:

• Employment and training, including programs for vocational rehabilitation state grants and dislocated workers

• Infrastructure, including programs for public transportation, highway planning and construction, housing, and community development.


Has your household responded to the 2020 Census yet? NC could lose about $16,000 in federal funding for the above and much more over the next 10 years for EACH person who isn’t counted (from newborns and up).


Deadline to respond is September 30. Go to to answer the quick questions or call 844-330-2020.


Every person counts, regardless of immigration status, age, race, gender or place of birth.


You and your family count, so be counted and complete the 2020 Census today. Spread the word!


How is your neighborhood doing in its response to the US Census 2020 ?

Find out using this interactive map, which is updated daily with response rates from the federal census bureau. Map:  



The US Constitution requires every person living in the US be counted regardless of immigration status, age, race, gender or place of birth.

The 2020 census is important to all Greensboro residents because this census count affects how much federal funding our city gets for various programs for the next 10 years.