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Belles Attend The Annual Casual White Breakfast

The History of The White Breakfast

One of the earliest and certainly the most everlasting traditions to be institutionalized at Bennett College was the White Breakfast. The tradition was established around 1930 by President David D. Jones, when he and Mrs. Susie Jones wanted to establish some lasting values and traditions.

The tradition of the White Breakfast was well in place by 1932 and it occurred at Thanksgiving time. Dr. Jones felt that since the students were on campus at Thanksgiving, it would be nice to have an entire day of activities devoted to sharing the blessings of Thanksgiving. The day began with the students rising early and hiking to the County Home on Market Street, about four or five miles from the campus, bearing gifts for the elderly residents. Afterward, the students returned to campus, dressed in their finery and went to Wilbur Steele Hall for breakfast.

This depiction of the White Breakfast was observed through 1937. Some variations occurred during the next ten years. In 1947, Morehouse College Choir presented its first annual Thanksgiving Concert at the College during the White Breakfast. During the 1965-66 academic year, the College scheduled a vacation over the Thanksgiving weekend and the tradition of the White Breakfast ceased.

The White Breakfast was modified and re-instituted as an Alumnae Weekend activity in 1976 during the Golden Anniversary of Bennett as a college for women. Today the White Breakfast is used by many alumnae chapters as a fund raiser for their local chapters. 


Source: Bennett College White Breakfast Program 8/18