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TDAP & MCV Immunizations

TDAP & MCV Vaccines: Check Them Off the List

If you’re the parent of a rising senior, this summer will be a busy time of planning for senior year, but please don’t forget to check one important requirement off your list before the new school year starts on August 4th.

Twelveth graders are required by state law to get an updated Tdap vaccination if five or more years have passed since their last dose. They are also required to have an MCV vaccine. Your student will be asked to show proof of having the Tdap shot and MCV shot when they start school in August. If they don’t get the vaccine and show documentation of it, schools are required by law to suspend them.

Please remember these requirements as you check off your list of the many other things your family will do to get ready for the new school year. It’s just as important as getting your child’s class schedule and shopping for school supplies, so don’t wait to make an appointment. Summer vacation is the perfect time to get the vaccines.

Tdap & MCV are available at your family doctor’s office or by appointment at the Guilford County Department of Public Health offices. Call 336-641-3245 to schedule an appointment. Offices are located at 1100 E. Wendover Avenue, Greensboro and 501 E. Green Drive, High Point.