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Middle College at NC A&T ESSENTIAL 10

Middle College at NC A&T



  1.  When responding to any adult, you must answer by saying “Yes ma’am or

       No sir.”  Just nodding your head or saying any other form of yes or no is

       not acceptable.


  1.  Make eye contact.  When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him

       or her at all times.  If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.


  1.  During discussions, respect other student’s comments, opinions, and ideas.     

       When possible, make statements like, “I agree with John, and I also feel

       that …” or I disagree with Ronald, he made a good point, but I feel that …”


  1.  Do not smack you lips, say “whatever”, roll your eyes, or show disrespect

        with gestures.


  1.  Always say thank you when someone gives you something. If you do not say it 

        within three seconds after receiving the item, the item will be taken back. 

       There is no excuse for not showing appreciation.


  1.  While you are with a substitute teacher, you will obey the same rules that

        you follow when the regular teacher is with you.


  1.  We will have visitors in our school from time to time.  When you confront

        a visitor, speak (tell them your name), maintain eye contact, and shake

        their hand firmly.


  1.  If you approach a door and someone is following you, hold the door.  If

       the door opens by pulling, pull it open, stand to the side, and allow the

       other person to pass through first, then you can walk through.


  1.  If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault, say, “Excuse me.”


  1. If anyone in the school is bothering you, let an adult know. We are not

     going to let anyone bully you or make you feel uncomfortable.