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Mock Trial Team


Mock Trial

The Middle College at UNCG Mock Trial team won both of their mock trials at the regional competition in Salisbury NC. They won their first round unanimously and their second by a count of 2 out of 3 jury split decision. Award winners are pictured. These students worked hard all year long to arrive at this milestone, and they never once backed down from adversity. Will faced adversity last season as a witness and had that in the back of his mind all year long, but this year…he won best witness.

 Makayla with Mr. Jones

Makayla went above and beyond any expectations that we could’ve had for a first year mock trial member, and she highlights a very productive group of first time members. 

Re was one of our youngest members last season and nearly didn’t return, but after some convincing from her wonderful teammates Re decided to return, and what a return it was. Re did closing or opening statements last season and this season, and the difference is night and day. Re was a constant, driving force behind this team’s success.

It was clear that we needed some student assistance to help mock trial reach new heights, and Lourdess and Citlali did not back down from the responsibilities that came with being mock trial captains this year. We truly believe that we would not have gotten to this point without their leadership. Yana, Hadia, Chase, Paula and Luke. We are so proud of each of you and this entire team and we am so happy with what you were able to accomplish. Each of you welcomed this challenge with open minds, steady hearts and a willingness to sacrifice for your team, and we couldn’t be more proud. This team represented themselves and everything that the Middle College at UNCG stands for.

Mock Trial Team