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It’s that time of year again……GO FAR-Archer Running/Walking Club!  While we have lower student  numbers than previous years, I'm really excited about the group this year.  With the group being so large, I really will need help with supervision and walking/running with the students.  Please contact me ASAP if you’re willing to help at practices.  6 years ago, I decided to start this club at Archer to not only share my passion for running, but to provide students, who are seriously interested, with information and experiences to help them guide towards healthy lifestyles/choices.  The club integrates character education(as it relates to running/walking and their everyday life at home/school), healthy food information(a healthy snack at each practice and a discussion about how the snack of the day will benefit us), and exercise (running or walking for a 30 minute workout).  The students that have “signed up” have a wide range of fitness levels/abilities, but all are welcome.  I wanted to reach out to everyone because I want to invite you to participate with us through our after school practices and at the 5K event.  Below is some information about our club: 


1.Who can participate: 3rd-5th Grade Students, all school staff (yes, I’m talking to YOU), and parents. 


  1. Practices:  We will meet on Mondays/Tuesdays in my mobile unit for 30 minute lesson on a particular character trait, health food choices, and race tips.  We will be outside at the track by 3:15 to do a brief warm-up and participate in our workouts(run/walk intervals).  Please considering taking 30 minutes of your day to come out and get some fresh air.  If you plan to join us, please wear comfortable clothes to exercise in and bring a bottle of water(as needed).  The students would LOVE to see other staff members (besides me) out there exercising with them.  


  1. 5K Race/1-mile Fun Run:  GO FAR, the organization, puts on a 5K Road Race and 1-mile Fun Run.  Our Archer Running/Walking Club students will be training to participate in the 5K Race.  There is a 1-mile Fun Run Option, but we don’t participate in that.  **Please see GO FAR website below for more information**


  1. Date/Time/Location of the GO FAR 5K Race:  The 5K race will take place on Saturday, November 17th, and will start at 9am.  The location of the 5K race is: Showplace Courtyard, 211 East Commerce Avenue, High Point, NC


  1. Participation in the 5K/1-mile races:  Teachers and families who wish to participate in either of the two races that day will have to officially register online or the morning of the race.  **Please note that is FREE to be a spectator and come to the race to cheer on our students/teachers/families, who are participating in the race**. Registration for the 5K/1-mile Fun Run: Please see the registration information below.  I have created an Archer Running Club Team, that you can join when you register.



Early Bird Registration Fee: $25, May 14 - Oct 13 
Online Registration Fee: $30, Oct 14 - Nov 13

Late* Registration Fee: $40, Nov 14 - 17



Online Registration Fee: $15, May 14 - Nov 13 
Late* Registration Fee: $20, Nov 14 - 17



A $2.50 processing fee is included in registration fees listed above.
T-shirt sizes are guaranteed only for runners who register before October 13.
*Late registration is available online from Nov 14-16 or onsite Nov 16 and 17. See onsite times and locations under Packet Pick-up information below



  1. Transportation: We will be getting a bus for this event, that will pick up the students at Archer, take them to High Point for the race, and return them back to Archer at the completion of the race.  If there are available seats, please feel free to ride the bus with us from Archer, so that you’d don’t have to drive yourself.


  1. Student T-shirts:  As I’ve done in the past, I’m ordering t-shirts for our students in the club.  A famous, local artist GRACIOUSLY creates a NEW design for our t-shirts every year.  They will be PURPLE and we will be using an “athletic” style shirt(100% polyester) like last year. 


  1. T-shirt Prices(I usually leave this out by mistake): Youth Small-Adult XL = $6; Adult XXL and up = $8


  1. Sponsoring a student’s t-shirt:  As I’ve done in the past, I’m not asking the students to pay for the shirts and will be taking on the cost myself.  If you’d like to help with the cost and “sponsor” a student(or students) by paying for their shirt, that would be greatly appreciated!  If you are interested in sponsoring a student (or students), please email/text me  to let me know how many students and if there are particular students that you’d like to sponsor. I will have the exact number by next week, but we currently have 15 students.  I have a feeling that we'll be at 20 students by Monday.  I plan to cut off enrollment by Monday, Oct. 1. 


  1. Staff Shirts: As I’ve done in the past, ALL staff is welcome to order a shirt for themselves.  If you are interested in ordering a shirt, please email/text me to let me know your size. This year, I will be asking for all money up front, so that I can pay the order in full when I receive the shirts.  I will take cash, check payable to me, or paypal/venmo(yes, I’ve finally caught up to the 21st century).  Attached, you'll see the information about the shirts that we are ordering, so you can choose the best size for you.  
  • T-SHIRT ORDER DUE DATE:  All t-shirt sizes AND money are due to me by: Wednesday, October 24th.  I will place the order after school and won’t be able to accept any late orders.


As always, sorry for my LONG email, but I do appreciate your support of our GO FAR Running/Walking Club.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  


Christopher Hewitt

Physical Education Specialist

Archer Elementary(M,Tu,Th,F): (336) 294-7335